Intelligent automation for your production process


Empower your content creation

Next generation AI tools help you create the Right content for your audience and makes your content more Engaging.


Create the Content that engages your Audience


RivetAI’s Natural Language Understanding analyzes what your audience wants to read, see and hear and determines WHAT content to create to engage them best.


RivetAI’s Natural Language Generation turns average writers into extraordinary writers by creating engaging headlines, and rewriting your text for improved readability, structure and story-arcs.


RivetAI analyzes multiple publishing platforms, from Medium to mainstream publishers, to social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to recommend WHERE publishing your content will drive the highest engagement. We identify Influencers to engage with your content.


RivetAI integrates with your editorial calendar and keeps a pulse on breaking news events to suggest the Right Time to publish your content.

for filmmakers

Agile Storywriter

Next generation AI tools help you automate script highlighting, budgeting, scheduling, and more. Agile Storywriter automatically generates a visual representation of your story. See how adding, removing or changing scenes affects the rest of the script. Agile Storywriter enables writers and producers to quickly make changes while being able to see their impact in realtime.


Generative AI Foundation

The underlying engine is RivetAI’s Generative AI. RivetAI developed groundbreaking AI technology to generate narratives, including scripts, narration and dialogue. This capability is the result of years of Deep Learning research by our data science team. Our engineers come from institutions like California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of Toronto’s Deep Learning group, Microsoft Research, SpaceX and several prominent technology startups.



"What’s so powerful about RivetAI is how we can empower and utilize our internal resources to produce the right content and engage with the right audience across many products and services."

– Salmane Saadani. Siemens AG.


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