The AI Copilot for your Pre-Production

An AI-powered workflow platform designed to help writers, producers, and directors streamline their script coverage, scheduling, and budgeting processes. With next generation tools provided by RivetAI, writers can finally focus on writing and producers can focus on pushing out great content.

Our Features

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Screenplay with Advanced and Comprehensive Features

Automated Script Coverage
Get detailed analysis of your screenplay, including a concise logline, summary, constructive comments, comparable works, genres, and a rubric for objective assessment.
Screenplay Summary
Simplify complex narratives with our screenplay summary feature. Generate a digestible snapshots of your scripts, highlighting the key plot points and developments.
Character Breakdown
Understand your characters like never before with our Character Breakdown feature. Get detailed descriptions and insights into your characters, helping to inform casting decisions and character development.
Stay ahead in your financial planning and investment pitches with our AI-enhanced budgeting tool. Generate a comprehensive top-sheet budget estimate directly from your screenplay.
Generate efficient shooting schedules based on your script, reducing logistical hassles and optimizing resource allocation.
Advanced Security
Protect your creative work and confidential information with our state-of-the-art security features.
Multilingual Support
Experience the flexibility of working with scripts in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Telugu, and many more.

Choose Your Plan

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Production Process

Beta Plan

What’s included

  • AI-Powered coverage reports
  • Screenplay summaries
  • Character breakdown sheets
  • Estimated budget breakdowns
  • Automated shooting schedules
  • PDF exports of all reports
  • User invite + project collaboration
  • Customer service

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